Watch your corner not the race so you know which side of the pipe they are suppose to be on

No talking on cell phones while cornering

Be ready - first car in is first car out

Use your hands to flip/pick cars up not your feet

Make sure you put the car down going the right direction on the track

Racers Etiquette Guide

Racers are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner. If there is a conflict at the track it is expected that the parties involved inform the staff at Dave's and let them resolve the problem. We won't tolerate fighting or verbal abuse of any kind. We also do not tolerate berating the corner marshals. 

Corner Marshaling

Corner Marshaling is required from each racer unless you have a medical issue and then you need to find someone to corner for you or inform the RD so we can find a volunteer.

When you finish racing you would put your car in your pit area and go directly out to the track as you can see from picture below there are buckets and/or marked spots for each corner marshal to stand or sit.